Sargasso Radiant Panels

Smith’s Sargasso Radiant Panels are an elegant alternative solution to traditional wall mounted radiators, convection heaters and air conditioning systems. Sargasso radiant panels are available in two designs and provide heating solutions for a wide range of applications including, offices, schools, healthcare and leisure.


  • Suitable for use in both Standard T-Grid and Micro T system ceilings
  • Each panel individually packaged for protection
  • Loop panel width 595mm; available in lengths 595mm, 1195mm, 1795mm, 2395mm and 2995mm. Feed panel available as 595mm wide by 2395mm
  • Panel performance supported by independent test certification to EN 14037


  • Create a more comfortable environment for occupants by creating an even temperature distribution across the room
  • Save energy and money by achieving a higher perceived temperature than the actual room temperature
  • Works well with lower temperature heating systems
  • Provide an efficient solution offering a short heating and cooling time
  • Installed within a ceiling or high on a wall they maximise wall and floor space
  • Silent operation
  • No dust/bacteria dispersal offering a hygienic solution
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean so lower cleaning costs
  • Integrated in plasterboard