Kickspace Coils

Quiet-One 2000 kickspace coils for all of their kickspace fan convectors are header type coils as opposed to serpentine coils.

Quiet-One 2000 headered coils, or dual circuited coils as they are sometimes called, are manufactured to provide two parallel pathways (circuits) oriented perpendicular to the air stream. This allows equal flow and equal temperature through each circuit from the supply header to the return header. Thus, assuring equal temperature exchange from the supply water to the alloy fins of the coil over a wide square foot of surface area within the confined space.

In order to utilize the coil more fully, all Quiet-One 2000 fan convectors are built so as to present the full coil surface area to the fan generated air stream. Therefore, air passes evenly across all fins without being preheated prior to initial contact. The concept here is that air at a given temperature (let’s say 50°F) will pick up more heat than air at 70°F will because the carrying capacity of cooler air is greater. This means that header type coils like the Quiet-One’s will give off more BTU’s per square foot of surface than serpentine coils will.

A serpentine type coil used with fins parallel to the air flow cannot utilize the single circuit fully since the air stream temperature increases as it passes over the first tube. The effective heat extraction from the second tube is therefore less and this inefficiency progressively worsens as the air passes through the coil to the extent that the final tube can in some instances be ineffective, or even worse, an absorber and not an emitter.


Quiet-One 2000 coils all use 3/8” tube which ensures higher velocity at comparative flow rates. High velocity is necessary to ensure high water temperature right through the coil, top to bottom, to maximize heat exchange. With larger tube size, speeds drop with adverse effects due to laminar flow dynamics. Quiet-One 2000 coils have 10-12 fins per inch which produces high air “scrubbing” and therefore higher heat transfer.

All Quiet-One 2000 coil tubes are 1” equilateral pitch – an international standard for many years, also used by air conditioner manufacturers as it provides compact high performance coils.


Our design allows us to use a more compact coil which keeps the kickspace footprint to our specifications while delivering the BTU/hr. ratings as listed.