Materials Of Construction

The metal work on all Smith’s fan convector products including the KS 2000 series, KSWK and KSWK2010FL100 and the entire PSU range is of 20 gauge steel (.036036”) per the UL requirement for such heating units. The steel is electro plated zinc coated and readily accepts the powered epoxy resin prime coat which applied only to finished surfaces. All painted surfaces may be repainted, wallpapered or marbleized as the customer wishes.

All Smith’s Heatpack coils are constructed of type M copper with wall thickness’ as follows:

Tubes: .016
U bends: .022
Connectors: .030
Headers: .050

While the galvanized end plates and side panels have thickness’ of:

.046 and .058 respectively.

The Heatpack coils are not ARI certified