Water Heater As A Source

The Quiet-One 2000 kickspace heaters and the Profile Series fan convectors are compatible with potable water systems. Their unique coil design, with lead-free solder joints, can be used with any water heater design whether it provides hot water for the home or is used as a source for heat only. This type of system provides a low cost alternative for adding heat to home additions, electric heat conversions, and as a supplement to heat pumps.

When using a kickspace heater or fan convector with a water heater, it is important to remember:

  • All units are equipped with an aquastat which closes at 110°F and opens at 90°F. The quick clip design makes change-out fast and easy in the field.
  • Quiet-One 2000 BTUH outputs are affected by entering water temperature. Capacities are listed as low as 130°F and unit selection should be based upon the water temperature available. For unit capacities at less than 130°F, please contact Customer Service.
  • Leaving air temperatures will be lower when using lower water temperatures. Be sure to locate the units where air flow will not be offensive.
  • The BTUH capacity of the water heater selected must be equal to or greater than the capacity of the connected heat load. Please note that water heater capacities are most often listed by BTUH input and must be multiplied by efficiency to determine actual heating capacity. For example: a gas fired water heater with an input of 40,000 BTUH and efficiency of 75% will provide 30,000 BTUH of usable heat (40,000 BTUH x .75 = 30,000 BTUH). It is recommended that a minimum tank size of 40 gallons be observed to ensure adequate domestic service.
  • The complete Quiet-One 2000 kickspace and fan convector range is manufactured with lead free and non ferrous components making all of our products suitable to domestic (potable) water applications.
  • In potable water systems, be sure to use non-ferrous components (bronze or stainless steel circulators and check valves; and copper, polybutylene or polyethylene piping) in your installation. Do not use piping that has been treated with any boiler chemicals.
  • In applications where a backflow preventer is installed, it may be necessary to use a thermal expansion tank to compensate for water expansion and prevent nuisance weeping of the T&P valve.
  • If stored water temperature is to exceed 140°F, a tempering valve is recommended. Please check local plumbing codes for compliance requirements.